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Specialising in Middle Office and Finance we provide transformational solutions and business advisory to all sizes and type of investment organisation.

With increased cross regulatory compliance, product diversification and global fragmentation; visibility, analysis and timely insight of trading and investment activity are critical to establish effective control. Using our industry proven “best practice” business models, combined with the latest technology patterns, we've created an information and process eco-system that powers and controls investment and financial reporting, be it for a Fund or Investment Bank. Cutting through complexity, increasing efficiency and reducing costs is central to our philosophy.

finlytics was established in 2006 as a joint venture with a tier-1 Investment Bank to transform the Middle Office Investment Accounting and Control operation across all global trading businesses.

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finlytics eXplain is a set of highly scalable business services implemented using shared software components to deliver an information and process driven capability. With features that include Investment Accounting, Trader P&L and Transaction Life-Cycle Management; the "Federated Data Repository” enforces consistency across Middle Office, Finance and Regulatory.

Built within a Business Intelligence framework, it provides detailed analytics, dynamic reporting and native Excel integration.

Features include:

  • Delivers core Middle Office functions including Investment Accounting, Control and Reporting
  • Works efficiently using automation and pre-defined process driven workflow
  • Reveal new insights and drive better decision making using powerful business intelligence across shared and timely information
  • Meet changing market needs with a capability structured architecture – trade new products, conform to new regulation, …
  • Scale business size, function and geography while minimising the required need for change and resource base
  • Centralised repository and cross asset-class standardisation for regulatory compliance

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Based on execution experience at several leading global Investment Banks, finlytics provides proven patterns and “best practice” for each step of the business change life-cycle

This approach accelerates transformation programmes by acting as a “knowledge-bridge” between business and IT groups and through reducing the risk of making incorrect modelling decisions at each stage.


  • Implement control with a holistic approach to investment accounting, compliance and risk attribution
  • Defines processes and identifies capabilities (Tech, People and Process) to efficiently meet the services and vision of the business
  • Link between strategy and execution
  • Used to establish governance across core businesses practices
  • Identifies functional alignment and enables standardisation across Middle Office, Finance, Risk and Ops.
  • Critical to meet requirements of regulator incl. Dodd-Frank/BHC Act (Volcker Rule)
  • Leverages significant investment through re-use and provided focus
  • Complements and de-risks any large change program

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Coming soon...

We are evolving our current platform to deliver the next generation of Middle Office, Finance and Risk service capabilities – finlytics eXplain 2.0.

Using the latest, and cutting edge, in-memory technologies a set of new services are being delivered around our information eco-system that will automate and deliver further business functions.

The new services will be available to clients as a hosted solution or provided as a cloud service using Microsoft Azure.

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